Thursday, 8 June 2017

Mirror in the Attic Term 2 week 4

WALT write a “moment in time” piece of writing.

I can see: a magic mirror
I am touching something like water.
I am seeing a gel-like mirror.  
I can hear:
A vibrating sound.
I can hear a quiet gong.
I can smell:
Nothing because my nose is blocked from sneezing after breathing in all the dust.
I can feel:
Slimy gel on the mirror.
I can taste:
Particles of fluffy dust in my mouth.
Dry like dust particle.

N-J Junior kneels carefully in front of the mirror. Curious about what might happen.  

He sees a gel-like mirror that is moving and wobbling. Then N-J jr hears a vibrating and small gong sound.
He smells nothing, because the dust is blocking his nose.
N-J jr touches the gel, it feels squishy and makes his fingers tingle. N-J jr is nervous and his mouth tastes dry like dust particles that are fluffy.